Business Law

No matter where your business stands right now, we will work to ensure that your interests are secure so that your business can flourish.

Business Formation

Each business entity has it’s own purpose and strengths. Talk to us to get your business off to the right start by setting up the most effective business entity for your business, based on current and future goals. Whether you want to declare your business as an S Corporation, C Corporation, LLC, a tax-exempt non-profit, or other classification, we have experience guiding new businesses in the right direction.

Deciding how you want to classify your business entity requires deep knowledge, research, and experience. Filing the necessary paperwork for federal and state compliance is often overwhelming and time-consuming; we are here to handle it all for you. Through discussions with you, the Law Offices of Christina Weed, PC, will find the right fit for your business, taking into account where you are starting now plus your future goals, to ensure that your documentation is targeted and filed correctly.

We are an effective partner in pre-formation planning, federal and state tax compliance, creation of business contracts and forms.

Business Agreements

Ensure that your contracts are strong enough to secure your future. Contracts and business agreements shape how your business will grow, and keep your interests intact. They are a fundamental tool for business stability and success, regardless of your size or structure. Our experienced legal counsel will work with you to develop contracts with present and future relevance, crafted to meet your specific needs.

We have an extensive background with a variety of business agreements including Partnerships, Real Estate, Business Counseling, Corporate Bylaws, Entity Formation, and more. Our dedicated approach to business agreements will ensure your business’ long-term effectiveness.

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