Representing Clients with Complex Tax Cases that Need to be Litigated in Court

As a tax attorney, I serve clients in California whose complicated tax cases require zealous advocacy against the IRS.

Receiving a Notice of Deficiency

When you receive a notice of deficiency indicating you have proposed tax liabilities,

Buy-Sell Agreements in a Family-Owned Business

A large number of North American business enterprises are family-owned or controlled by family. Income produced by these family-run businesses generates more than 50% of the Gross National Product, according to Forbes. With many family-owned

The Effects of Owning a Business on Your Personal Taxes and Estate Planning

Owning a business allows many freedoms and possibilities, but it also comes with a sense of responsibility to protect your future, your family, your net worth, and your estate.

If you are a business owner, it’s

Tax Tips for Business Owners: How to Set Up or Run Your Business 

If you are contemplating setting up your own business or already have a business in the Walnut Creek area, here are some useful tax tips.

First, you need to make sure you choose the correct accounting
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