How to Properly and Carefully Assist the Elderly with Their Estate Planning

It’s not uncommon for clients to come to me with questions and concerns regarding their elderly parents. Clients want to know how to address estate plans with their elderly parents, a topic that can often

[Video] How to Qualify for an IRS Offer In Compromise and Alternate Payment Plan Options

Getting behind in your tax filing requirements and tax payments happens to many taxpayers. Many people approach me about settling their tax liabilities, often after they have heard radio or television ads for reducing tax

I Haven’t Reported My Foreign Accounts and Assets. How Can I Come into Compliance and Avoid Harsh Penalties?

For many people, taxes can be a daunting process. When you add on the stress of having to report income earned from foreign accounts, pursuant to Federal Law, the process can be downright stressful and

[Video] When Do I Need a Tax Lawyer? Why?

As a tax lawyer, I’m commonly asked the questions, “When Do I Need a Tax Lawyer?” or “Why Do I Need a Tax Lawyer?” Here are the answers.

You need a tax lawyer: Anytime you are audited
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